3 Inevitable Scenarios In Which Micro-Farming Will Save Your Life

With our world becoming more fragile by the day, we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Preppers and survivalists know this all too well. The illusion of stability falls apart at the slightest prod. A key survival strategy is the creation of a micro farm or small farm. It’s based on the reality that you can use a small plot of land to become self-reliant in the event of food shortages.

Micro farming won’t save you in every disaster. Nuclear fallout would change the face of the planet and make it near impossible to survive on the surface. But there are other scenarios in which micro farming will be indispensable.

Micro farming will save your life when any of the following three happens.

Economic collapse

We saw it in 2007 around the world, and it’s happened in isolated places since. The economy fell to pieces with little warning, and millions of people were left struggling to survive. It took years to recover, and some countries, such as Greece, are still struggling.

Economic collapse is not just possible. It’s likely. Big businesses make decisions based on greed, regardless of the fallout. Governments play according to the rules of the rich. And when the economy collapses, food shortages will follow.

Mass production of food will no longer be economically viable, and we’ll all need to fend for ourselves. With a micro farm, you will not be subjected to the whims of the economy, and you won’t go hungry when the corporations let you down.

Unsustainable environmental practices

The biggest difference between survivalists and preppers, and the rest of the world, is that we focus on the long term. Big corporations, on the other hand, focus on short term profits. They do what it takes to make as much money right now, and for this reason use environmentally unsustainable practices.

At some point in the near future, these practices will come back to bite them. The ground that they’re tearing through will no longer yield crops.

Your micro farm, on the other hand, will be run using sustainable practices, putting you in good stead indefinitely.  [How to start your own micro-farm]


War and hunger go hand in hand. With normal functioning put on hold during a battle for existential survival, food production hits insurmountable obstacles. The economy comes to a halt, workers are shipped off to fight, and people flee to bunkers to survive bombings.

With terrorism only getting worse, and ISIS/ISIL growing in strength by the week, even the most shortsighted person can see that full out war is not far away.

A micro farm will be essential to your survival while you’re staying safe from the chaos. Once again, the big corporations will be unable to help you, and you’ll need to help yourself. [e-book: Set up your own micro-farm now]

The dangers don’t end there

These 3 scenarios are inevitable, but they’re not the only threats facing our world. Humanity is at a crossroads, and the systems that now seem so permanent are one misstep away from self-destructing.  In this climate, it’s crucial to have a source of self-sustenance. Micro farming will ensure you never want for food. [Watch a video on why you should set up your own micro-farm]


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