5 Characteristics You Need to Survive The End of The World as we Know it


When disaster strikes, in whatever form, there are certain basic skills every prepper and survivalist needs to know. First aid, cooking, defense, etc. are all essential. These skills are relatively easy to learn. However, there are certain character traits that are at least as important. The most obvious is a calm temperament. If your reaction to danger is to panic, survival skills won’t be much help.

Not all of the necessary character traits are as evident. These 5 characteristics will go a long way to helping you survive. While learning to cook, make sure you take time for some personal development in these areas.

1. Motivation (will to live)

This is perhaps the most important character trait you need to survive. You need to learn to love life, no matter what is happening. Otherwise, when everything is falling apart, you’ll probably give up early on.

Adequate motivation is not something that comes easy. If you’re negative and cynical, it gets difficult to see why surviving matters. The truth is, when you’re aware how close the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI) is, you will feel cynical. For this reason, it’s crucial that you work hard on building your will to live in a world gone mad. Mindfulness provides a good foundation for this.

2. Perseverance

The determination to keep going no matter what is crucial to survival. It is vital in preparing for TEOTWAWKI, as most who try end up quitting when they realize how much work it takes. And when TEOTWAWKI happens, it’s a trait that will ensure you don’t give up.

Perseverance is built in a number of ways. A good starting point is setting up an intense physical fitness regime. Keeping going through the pain requires mental perseverance far more than physical endurance.

3. Compassion

In an end world scenario, only a few will be prepared.

Most of humanity – including almost everyone around you – will have no idea how to survive. It will take a lot of compassion to motivate you to do what you can to help the masses.

Ultimately, you’re not going to leave the weak behind. When you feel compassion, and not just responsibility, you’ll be better prepared to motivate them and yourself.

4. Self-knowledge

Many of us have the urge to be everything for everyone. We want to believe we can survive all alone, no matter what. It’s frightening to think otherwise.

But keep making sure that you’re not deluding yourself. There are certain things you cannot do, and you’ll need help. Being aware of what these things are will save you a lot of time and frustration. It will allow you to work with others, and build a connection to your community, whoever they happen to be.

5. Frugality

Rationing is obviously going to be necessary after TEOTWAWKI. But that does not mean it will be easy. Just because you have no choice, does not mean you’ll manage. Frugality is a learned trait, and without it you will compromise your survival and the survival of those around you.

Generating your own resources with what little you have is an excellent lesson in frugality. This is why micro farming is the perfect way of preparing yourself. Not only will you have your own source of food, you’ll have also learned how to sustain it with minimal resources. Our ebook on micro farming demonstrates how to start a small farm on an acre or less.


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