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A Very POWERFUL Flashlight Suited For Extreme Survival Situations


When it comes to survival, no flashlight can be too powerful.  So if it’s a high-performing, high-quality flashlight you need, look no further than the Fenix RC40. Upgraded from last year’s model, this latest RC40 now packs the latest Cree XM-L2 U2 LEDs, able to blast out 6,000 lumens – enough for its six-Led cluster to light up a building that’s almost half a mile away.

The RC40 needs extreme power for this kind of performance, so it does away with alkaline batteries and has a custom, massive lithium-ion cell instead. The 7,800mA ARB-L3-15600 is able to produce the range the flashlight gives. The lithium-ion cell battery is charged with a standard barrel charger that is plugged into the end of the flashlight. There’s an AC power bank and a cigarette-light adapter as well.

Another feature that helps in an emergency is the USB Type A port that sits at the end of the device so you can use the power bank to charge your phone. The battery’s power levels can be checked by pushing a button on the end of the flashlight.





Critical to disaster scenarios, the Fenix has rated the RC40 at IPX-8, and all of its ports have gaskets, so it can be fully submerged up to two meters underwater and still give off a powerful beam, which is useful for when you need to search shallow bodies of water or are using the flashlight during heavy rains.

The RC40 can also withstand being dropped or rolled (within reason and not by deliberate attempts, of course) and its functionality won’t be affected.


Operating The Fenix RC40

There are two buttons to operate the flashlight. The right one goes through the power levels: Eco is 45 lumens up to 125 hours, Low is 500 lumens up to 18 hours, Medium is 2,000 lumens up to 4 hours, High is 4,000 lumens up to 2 hours and Turbo is 6,000 lumens up to one hour. The RC40 is not going to run on 6,000 lumens continuously.

As with other high-performing LED lights, the RC40 will prevent its LEDs from overheating and getting damaged by decreasing the light output automatically when it hits 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

The left button on the flashlight activates the strobe or SOS mode. To lock the flashlight, press both buttons. The flashlight will blink three times if you try to turn it on while it’s locked.

The RC40 is a flashlight that can be called a “thrower,” because its sharp beam profile is most useful for illuminating objects that are far away. Its brightness makes it competitive with HID flashlights that are not as efficient, and it has a far better battery life.



But like all things, the Fenix RC40 has its negatives, the most obvious being its battery. Since its large ARB-L3-15600 is not typically used in other flashlights, or other devices for that matter, replacements are quite expensive and difficult to find. If, for example, Fenix phases the RC40 out in the future, you’re not likely to find any replacement batteries at all.

The RC40 is also large and bulky. It has a 10.7-inch length and a diameter head of 4.6 inches. While that was standard fare two decades ago, the name of the game today is smaller and sleeker. There are pocket lights that can rival the output from the big flashlights in the 1990s, so most people today usually go for the kind of flashlights they can easily slip in their bags. On the plus side, the RC40’s bulk can also make it a handy weapon, just in case.

Another downside is that the RC40 retails for a rather expensive $380 on Amazon.  But if you can afford this, its definitely one to seriously consider for your bug-out-bag or emergency toolkit.

Bottom Line

For a top-of-the-line performance, durability and reliability, device such as this flashlight you definitely get what you pay for – it’s the ultimate flashlight.  [Buy on Amazon For Around $385.00]

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