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Achieve Facebook Marketing Success by Taking One Step at a Time


A good game plan is always the key to achieving success in business. And to establish a solid game plan and strategy in Facebook marketing, it’s important to keep these five easy steps in mind:

1.) When starting a business, it is important to have a clear mission and vision. Many big companies’ success stories came from these two objectives, which must clearly and cohesively explain the purpose of the business and why it exists.

For example, in creating what the iconic, multi-billion-dollar Apple Company is, Steve Jobs was motivated to support people’s creativity, not to sell computers.  And before it became the largest florist shop, Jim McCann’s 1-800-Flowers.com’s initial goals was to help people express their feelings to others.

Therefore, before planning to engage in social media marketing strategies, remember to do the following:

  • First, know exactly what type of business to build, and
  • Second, fulfill other people’s needs or desires and solve their problems.

2.) Getting started on social media marketing means taking the six Vitamin C’s of Facebook every day. A successful marketing campaign involves applying  these 6 C’s when on Facebook:

  • Content: post good quality stories that will gain a lot of shares, likes, and comments. In short, it should be exciting, fun and easy to read.
  • Clarity: show exactly what the fan page is all about and what it has to offer in as few words as possible. Make sure to update the “About” section of the page and add taglines on the cover photo if needed.
  • Campaign: maximize the use of Facebook’s promotional tools to support a particular campaign.
  • Connection: build and grow the page’s network.
  • Culture: turn the fan page into an extension of the company’s culture or a particular brand, using proper page management. Use the type of content shared, response time, way of responding, humor and more to build fan culture.
  • Conversion: use all of the above to convert fans and followers into a network of paying customers.

3.) Post shareable content, which will attract Facebook users. Consider these ground rules on creating shareable content:

  • Keep them short – 80 characters should be enough to grab attention.
  • Vary the content using photos, videos, audios, and links.
  • Respond to people who shared the content by liking their shares.
  • Interact with users by asking questions.
  • Visit other pages of similar businesses to know what people like.
  • Determine the best time of the day and week to interact with fans.

4.) Consider experimenting and testing, but track the results of all tests conducted. It is important to learn which Facebook marketing strategy is working and which ones are not useful. Try variating post frequency, content and time zones to achieve maximum effectivity.

5.) Learn from the success of other Facebook fan pages. Oreo, Disney, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Skittles are some of the most popular consumer brands that are doing well on this social media platform. Look at their Facebook pages and view other related fan pages to see what particular types of content could gain a significant amount of shares. Analyze everything on their fan pages, from updates to promotional campaigns and try to replicate them.

It takes time and patience to become good at Facebook marketing. By following these steps above and seeking the help of social media experts, success will soon be on its way!


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