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All About Ads: Facebook Ads 101


Facebook marketing has drastically changed the way modern digital marketing is done, in so many ways. What used to be simple banner ads on websites and search engines can now take many forms, especially on this massive social media platform. Here are some types of Facebook ads you need to know about:

Creating a public page

The conventional type of Facebook Marketing is the best place for beginners. This is setting up a public page for free – all you need to do after that is to keep posting and updating the page regularly. A public page comes with all the necessary tools and self-service interface that are easy to use, even for beginners. Cost-effective and very easy to manage, this is a basic step that will serve you well.

Sponsored Ads: Domain Ads

Domain ads are the most common type of paid ads you see on Facebook. When you click on them, you go to an external site. These ads are generally used to increase website traffic and improve customer interaction. Domain ads can also show social context and activity, like when a particular friend “likes this page/site.” For this to happen, Facebook should be able to go to the target URL of your domain ad with an active Facebook public page.

Event Ads

Event ads are incredibly helpful if you need maximum exposure for publicity of events.  They are on the right-hand side of the desktop, with a maximum 90-character description.

Mobile app ad

The name says it: this type of ad only shows when a user is on mobile view of Facebook.  Once the ad is clicked, it leads users to the AppStore or Google Play where they can download and install your mobile app. The effectiveness of the mobile ad is determined by the number of downloads, while integrated with Facebook.

Page post ads

The page post ad is the easiest and most commonly used kind of ad, wherein your Facebook page can be displayed as ‘sponsored’ or ‘promoted’.  Once the user clicks on the link, Facebook will direct it to your public page.

Offer ads

Offer ads are useful and will grab attention, especially when well-written. The key to a successful offer ad is to include all important details at first glance, the number of people who have accepted the offer, and the offer’s expiration date. The accompanying photo should also say a lot because it’s what users notice immediately.

Sponsored Stories

Besides the usual ads, sponsored stories can also be purchased through Facebook Marketing. These are usually the most interactive type of ads. They are, in reality, support and endorsement from the user’s friends, so they tend to get higher click-through and rates of engagement.

Once a person likes a certain page, it becomes an ad that appears on other people’s news feed. This can be more efficient because the perceived credibility of a recommendation from friends is potentially higher.

There are particular kinds of stories ad. Some include a page or place ad, which was mentioned earlier, the app story, game played or even event RSVP sponsored story. All of these methods work the same way by showing who among a user’s Facebook friends are using the same app or going to the same event.


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