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Exploring the Benefits of Facebook in Business


Established and heralded as one of the most popular social media platforms today, Facebook has its set of unique advantages and benefits. Apart from personally connecting people with family members and friends, it can also be used as a method for advertising and promoting a business.

Marketing strategies play a fundamental role in the overall success and growth of business because they are used to reel in customer attention. This aspect is where a Facebook business page has an advantage over an existing company website.

Here is why Facebook is a great medium for business marketing, regardless of your type of business:

  • Using Facebook for business is an inexpensive marketing strategy. Signing up for an account on Facebook is free, making it ideal, especially for small and medium start-up companies that are on a tight budget. Without having to shell out for thousands of dollars on expensive marketing activities, businesses can instead target millions of prospective customers who can eventually become paying customers. Large companies also often use Facebook for their trial marketing plans and concepts before forging ahead with bigger campaigns.
  • Business information can easily be shared. Since Facebook is a good avenue to promote a business, it provides necessary information about the company name, address, and its contact details. To draw more customers in, a business page should also contain brief descriptions of its products and services, as well as its history, staff, mission and vision – anything a customer might want to know.
  • It is interactive. Apart from posting text content, uploading photos and videos are also allowed on business pages, making Facebook easier to personalize compared to a company website. There are no highly technical skills needed to maintain, customize and personalize a Facebook business page because it’s the same as managing a personal Facebook account. Interaction takes place when people do things such as tag themselves in promotional photos, comment on posts, answer surveys or share posts.
  • It allows for instant communication with current and prospective customers through the exchange of messages. Listening to feedback and suggestions regarding a business’ products and services is essential in Facebook marketing.
  • It is easier to provide customer support. Questions can be posted directly on a business page, based on the customers’ experience in using a particular product or service. This is more efficient and less time-consuming than taking phone calls, as customers can directly see common queries and responses from other people. As a result, problems and issues can be quickly resolved, which in turn can increase the satisfaction level of customers.
  • Brand awareness can be raised through Facebook likes. Apart from word of mouth, liking and sharing a Facebook page will increase the popularity of a business page.
  • It can increase website traffic organically by including Facebook page URLs on posts. Getting these links out to Facebook users can also convert page visits into potential business purchases. This advantage can be maximized when people are motivated to buy products or services as consumers.
  • Advertising can be targeted to a particular group of individuals. Marketers can create Facebook ads for people that have listed a certain interest by making these ads appear on the right side of their Facebook pages, narrowing the pool of prospective customers to those who are most likely to buy.


Facebook is the only social media platform that can provide these advantages. Therefore, take the opportunity to use Facebook marketing while it’s still in its growth phase. New prospects are joining Facebook every day and they’re waiting to see your message!


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