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How to Compete in Facebook Marketing: Tips and Tricks

In a platform as competitive as Facebook, businesses have to do creative things to win over their target market share. This massive social media site is all about competition, so to get to the top, here are some things to consider in Facebook marketing:

Description, Thumbnail, and Headline

If you’re going to use sponsored ads, the main thing to do is maximize your chance to promote your brand. This can be done through many ways. First, you need to give users an idea of what your business is about, in a concise way — the meta description. This is a short description that will appear next to your ad. Choosing the right thumbnail to accompany your post is also highly essential. When Facebook users browse, they usually don’t notice the ads, unless the photo is striking enough to catch their interest. More importantly, the ad title should be short and appealing. You can try mixing things up by using a teaser meant to spark curiosity or a full headline that would compel users to click.

Checking out other pages

Success in Facebook marketing means checking on the competition. You need to follow other pages similar to yours. This might seem like an odd tip, but by following and getting benchmark ideas from other pages, you can get an overview of trends, customer feedback, and insights. Moreover, you can also check the average likes and number of followers they have. This can give you a good start on how you can make your improvements.

Avoid posting during the peak hours. While you might be thinking that the most strategic time to post is when a lot of people are online, it is also during these times that people’s news feeds get plenty of action from so many sources. When you post during non-peak hours, the tendency is for people to see your post upon checking their feeds. This can be before 8 am or after 6 pm.

Creativity is key

Be creative with your posts. Again, following the trend is an important thing to keep in mind. Most people share and repost photos that are exceptionally funny, motivating and provide insights. These can come in the form of doodle photos, captioned photos or simply text posts. The trick here is to incorporate your brand in every post you create.

Post questions

If you want to improve on customer interaction, you need to conduct polls or surveys. This is an easy way to increase likes and increase engagement and is an excellent avenue to hear ideas. It is ideal to ask questions that are open-ended, and are likely to stir up meaningful conversations among users. This might even invite more people to join ongoing discussions, and like your page.

Digital Customer Care

Show that you care. Facebook is one of the best places to demonstrate how much you value customers, so you need to take advantage of this opportunity. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that is responsive on social media. You can do this by replying to comments, showing that you immediately address issues and concerns raised by your followers.


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