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Sharing the Pro’s Tips on Facebook Marketing


Thinking on how to improve marketing strategies on Facebook? Ever wonder what tactics professionals use? There’s no need to worry because this article will give some examples of the hottest Facebook marketing tips and trends today:

  • Consider using ActionSprout. Some marketers might think that Facebook pages are the real battlegrounds on Facebook, but think again. Users commonly interact with page updates appearing on their news feeds and don’t take the time to visit the actual Facebook pages.
    • ActionSprout is a useful additional custom tab on Facebook pages. While most public Facebook pages require users to visit their pages before doing any actions, ActionSprout works differently by letting marketers create action options directly on the news feed. Once users click on their action of choice on the news feed update (such as a purchase), they will be automatically redirected to another page to continue the completion of the action.
  • Boost announcements for new products. Boosted posts for a newly launched product can increase the demand for it, as well as add more fans who like the page. This is ideal for small-scale businesses even though some Facebook marketing experts might not recommend it. But don’t hesitate to test this. After all, when users refuse your recommendations, it doesn’t mean that this is ineffective – maybe it just needs more work.
  • Make use of website custom audiences. While Facebook ads are used to target a particular audience, running a Facebook ad through the use of tools like “Power Editor” can target all the visitors of a Facebook page (website custom audiences). In order to get ahead in leads and potential customers, Facebook ads should be creative.
  • Increase PR efforts. Facebook is not only used for marketing campaigns, it can also support a company’s or a brand’s publicity efforts. Many journalists rely on Facebook to look for stories and news. With the help of this social media platform, sharing stories is now easier than ever. As a result, there is faster information delivery to the public especially if there are emerging issues and breaking news, no matter where in the world.
  • Use Facebook’s audience insights. There is a better return of investment if a business knows how to target a particular type of audience for advertising and can optimize content strategies after understanding what the audience wants.
    • This will enable marketers to see what’s interesting for an audience and what type of posts do they want to see. By investing time in understanding audience insights, fans will become more receptive to posted content.
  • Do split testing on Facebook ads. Finding the right keywords to use is important in Facebook advertising. Split advertising cuts down on costs and is a more streamlined, efficient way to run ads.
    • Allocate portions of advertising budget on running a variety of ads one at a time.  Then study the performance of each ad to assess which particular advertisement works best. Only split testing can answer what particular benefits a marketer gets with a wider or a narrower audience base.

Before anything else, it is always important to plan ahead. This gives marketers enough time to develop Facebook marketing campaigns and apply these tips while doing so.


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