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The A- List of Facebook Marketing Strategies


While the majority of Facebook users to chat with friends or share pictures and videos, businesses use it for marketing and branding.  But in order to be successful in gaining traffic and sales, businesses should look into and apply the most effective strategies of Facebook marketing.

Here are some of these strategies:

  • Make use of the company website’s existing traffic. It is essential to have a fixed company website because it serves as the hub where people find out everything there is to know and purchase the products and services. To maximize existing traffic, businesses can insert clickable social media icons on the website which can then redirect users to the company’s Facebook page or any other social media platforms it has.  For better traffic, it is recommended to put these icons on the homepage header to make them most noticeable. Having them on the header can also provide better CTR (click-through rate) placements.
  • Display fan page URLs by using e-mail signatures. When sending e-mails to possible customers, it’s always good to include fan page URLs beneath the email message or by using an e-mail signature. This way, there is a chance to increase traffic or customer following if the recipients of the e-mails click these attached URLs.
  • Sending out email blasts. One tried-and-tested way of letting people know that a particular business has a Facebook page is by sending out email blasts. AWeber and MailChimp are two of the most common tools used in e-mail marketing.
  • Use in-store promotion for a Facebook page. Offline promotion, meaning letting people know outside of the internet, is an ideal way of telling customers that a business is now on Facebook. Print and include the Facebook page URLs on store walls, business cards, glass doors, flyers, paper bags and other visual materials.
  • Know when the best times to post and schedule status updates are. By planning Facebook posting schedules well, a target audience can become more engaged in liking, sharing and commenting on posts — especially if they are informative and entertaining.
  • Use Facebook Ads. They can do a lot to gain followers and business growth, are used to create Facebook marketing campaigns, and are not that expensive – great for businesses on a budget.
  • Create Facebook Contests. Many Facebook users tend to like fan pages in order to participate in its contests. Conducting a simple photo contest can raise Facebook likes to as much as five times more than a regular post. Prizes to be given away may vary according to the company’s interests, whether items to services. Don’t forget to do promotions during the contest period to attract more fans.
  • Use Facebook’s “@” feature. Tagging people and other pages with this feature will make them feel special and recognized. Therefore, it establishes relationships between the business and its customers.
  • Develop Facebook custom tabs and apps. This is an additional option that can be maximized to gain more likes and fans by allowing users to access event details, deals and other exclusive advantages.
  • Engage with the Facebook community and other Facebook fan pages. This is a win-win situation. Apart from building strong relationships with customers, engagement can also create fan conversions when more people see the page on other Facebook pages.
  • Join and create Facebook groups. Facebook groups have three privacy settings: open, closed and secret.
    • An open Facebook group is commonly used for increasing brand awareness and growing a business network. It should therefore focus on interactions and participation from fans.
    • A closed Facebook group can be seen by anyone but only the members can see the posts inside it. This is mainly used for customer support services.
    • A secret group is only seen by its members and is used for confidential discussions.

Even if these groups have different functionalities, the ultimate goal is to build business relationships for every group type.

There are many Facebook marketing strategies out there, but the examples given here, when done right, are enough for businesses to succeed in social media marketing!


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